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Belts with a factory profile for road machines:​

Profil frezarki dynapac bitelli wirtgen cat bomag

We offer fabric-rubber profiled belts for transporting excavated material in road milling machines (Wirtgen, CAT, Bitelli, BOMAG, Dynapak). The profile (chevron) is made on the belt by hot vulcanization, which ensures a long service life of the cleats. The tape can be vulcanized into a closed circuit.

Profil frezarki wirtgen cat bitelli bomag dynapac


h=17 mm
b=440 mm

EP 400/3, 3+1
B=600 mm
B=650 mm

Profil frezarki wirtgen cat bitelli bomag


h=32 mm
b=600 mm

EP 400/3, 3+2
B=800 mm

Profil frezark wirtgen cat bomagbitelli dynapac


h=17 mm
b=300 mm

EP 400/3, 3+1
B=500 mm