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Profiled rubber belts

Our company is not only tapes, it is comprehensive solutions for your business.

Avoid production losses with the Tape and Belt Center!

CTP Profiled rubber belts specializes in the production and sale of high-quality tapes for various industries and applications.
We are proud of our products and offer a wide range of solutions that meet the needs of every customer.

Our products are made of the best quality materials, which guarantees their durability and strength in all conditions. Ideal for industrial, construction, transport and many other applications. The range includes tapes for fastening, bonding, sealing, flow, vibration damping and many other applications.


Made of the best materials, which ensures their durability and strength in all conditions.


In many industries and fields, from industry and construction to automotive and agriculture.


Resistant to external factors such as UV radiation, water, oils and chemicals, which guarantees their long life.

Wide range
of sizes and profiles

Tapes of various profiles, widths and lengths, which allows them to be adapted to the individual needs of customers.


Easy to assemble and disassemble, which allows for quick and effective work.


It allows them to adapt to various shapes and surfaces, which makes them ideal for many applications

C-T-P Profiled Rubber Belts
Flexible solutions for your business

Why is it worth ordering from C-T-P?

Experienced staff

As a reliable business partner, we always try to understand the needs of our customers and propose the best solutions. Our team of experts provides professional assistance in choosing the right tape, as well as in adapting tapes to individual customer requirements.

High product quality

We always focus on quality and innovation. Our tapes are made in accordance with the highest quality standards, which ensures their reliability and durability. We are always up to date with the latest trends and technologies to be able to offer our customers the most innovative solutions.


We offer the possibility of adapting our tapes to individual customer requirements, including the choice of color, profile, thickness or length. Thanks to this, our customers can order tapes perfectly suited to their needs.


The reliability of our tapes is particularly important in applications where high mechanical parameters and resistance to external factors such as moisture, water, oils or UV radiation are required. Thanks to their construction and durable materials, profiled rubber belts from the Center for Belts and Belts are able to meet even the most demanding operating conditions.

Various profiles available

Belts with cleats, thresholds, frills, longitudinal strips, guiding profiles, herringbone, chevron

Wirtgen, CAT, Bitelli, BOMAG, Dynapak

Your guarantee of uninterrupted production



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