PVC / PU conveyor belts

CTP company provides a wide range of PVC / PU conveyor belts in various execution options.

Our offer includes over 200 types of belts intended for use in various industries.

We supply tapes according to the customer’s order: open, vulcanized into a closed circuit or with a mechanical connection.

We also supply belts for non-standard conveyor designs.

PVC / PU conveyor belts Dopravní pásy z PVC / PU

Belts features and capabilities:

  • silent,
  • long service life,
  • with different total thicknesses,
  • light,
  • working on small diameter rolls, including knife rolls, so-called “noses”,
  • transversely rigid or for work in a basin,
  • electrically conductive (anti-electrostatic),
  • resistant to oils and fats,
  • intended for contact with unpackaged food,
  • abrasion resistant,
  • resistant to low or high temperatures,
  • with high breaking strength.

Belts can be delivered on request:

  • With guiding profiles,
  • with side frills protecting the goods from spilling,
  • with carriers enabling the transport of goods on inclined conveyors,
  • with a structure that prevents the movement of goods,
  • with surface perforation,
  • for curved conveyors
PVC / PU conveyor belts Dopravní pásy z PVC / PU